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We initiate and establish direct contact with a country’s citizens through:


Sharing and exchanging our culture, history & youth education

Improving understanding & respect between people from other countries

Exchanging our values in life

Assisting with community challenges

Promoting local, state & national level programs for international & municipal organizations

Connecting local businesses



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our sister city



Roselle and Bochnia are currently connected as Sister Cities






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We hold events to help finance our community initiatives & projects.



Due to this unfortunate pandemic and the necessary pre-cautions for gathering by our State, both the Rose Parade and the Taste of Roselle have been cancelled. We have always enjoyed these events and we look forward to resuming them next year. Please stay safe and well and we will see you again next year!



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Roselle Sister Cities Scholarship


The Roselle Sister Cities Scholarship offer of $1000.00 to a Lake Park student this spring has been postponed. With the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling the school year and students having classroom work off campus, the offer of our scholarship was unsuccessful. The Roselle Sister Cities Association Board voted to postpone the offer to a later date. […]



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