what we do

We initiate and establish direct contact with a country’s citizens through:

Sharing and exchanging our culture, history & youth education

Improving understanding & respect between people from other countries

Exchanging our values in life

Assisting with community challenges

Promoting local, state & national level programs for international & municipal organizations

Connecting local businesses

our sister city

Roselle and Bochnia are currently connected as Sister Cities

Bochnia, located on the river Raba at the border of Carpathian Foothills and Sandomierz Basin, is the oldest town in Lesser Poland. Learn more about Bochnia.


Downtown Roselle, Illinois


Roselle Sister Cities - Bochnia, Poland
Our Future Sister Cities

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We hold events to help finance our community initiatives & projects.

Christmas Tree trimming-our annual tradition


Our annual Christmas Tree trimming at the Roselle Village Hall! We love the tradition and the fact that many visitors get to enjoy “our” Roselle Sister Cities Christmas tree. It’s a truly enjoyable task we do for the Roselle Community. Also, next time you visit the Village notice our Illinois Sister Cities Award prominently displayed […]


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Indian Sister Cities Initiative started October 27, 2021


The RSCA BOD (Board of Directors) voted unanimously to accept the Roselle Indian Sister City Committee into our organization family on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. They are currently searching for a sister city in India and are open to volunteers who share the same passion to succeed in their mission.


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